What this site does is allow you to choose multiple movies and get the
schedule with the shortest wait time total in between the different

Explanation of options

Earliest Start time - This is the earliest time the first movie in your schedule can start
Latest Start time - This is the latest time the first movie in your schedule can start.
So if you wanted your first movie to start between 8:00 and 9:00 then you would enter an Earliest
Start time of 8:00 and a Latest Start time of 9:00

End Cut off Time - This is the time that the last movie must end before.

Minimum Time between movies - This is the minimum buffer allowed between the end of one movie and
the start of the next. Negative values are allowed to assist with skipping trailers.

First Movie in Schedule Only - The selected movie must be the first movie in the schedule
Must be in Schedule - This movie must be in the schedule
Optionally in Schedule - This movie can or cannot show up in the schedule
Number of movies to See - How many different movies will be in the schedule
The idea behind all of these options are if you were to set the number of movies to 3
and then select 2 movies as must be in schedule and 3 movies as optionally in schedule,
then you would get schedules with both the 2 must be in schedule movies and 1 of the 3
optional schedules

Features in the Works

1) Abilitily to share links 2) User tracking to allow for saved preferences and saved searches
Also check out beta.moviecalc.com where the current
stable development release will be found and alpha.moviecalc.com
where the current unstable development release will be found.